Starlink Antenna Installation

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As of right now the coverage areas for the Starlink system is limited to how many users it can handle in any given area. Saying that, they are taking and processing orders in the order that they come in. So don`t get left out of space! It`s the future baby! You can`t stop progress!

Starlink Internet Installation

A DIY Person? Here Are Products We Recommend

Amazon has everything you would ever need to do the Starlink install yourself if you so choose to. They have mounts cable, tools, accessories, fasteners, sealants, WiFi range extenders, Laptops and tablets. Heck they have pretty  much everything.

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Check out the latest discussions on the status of SpaceX and the super anticipated Starlink satellite internet service. Find out how others are living with the system. Speed talk. Installation topics. The experience of others will surely help out in your decision to purchase the service.


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We have been installing satellite tv and internet for more than 20 years. We are seasoned installers that have thousands of completed jobs under our belt. We have seen as many different applicates as you can imagine. We are your trusted local professional TV & satellite internet dish home/business sale & installation service contractors.

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