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Wireless 4g LTE Home Quality Internet For Rural America

Spacelink WiFi has the best pricing on internet plans! No contracts, no credit checks. Say goodbye to satellite!

Wi-Fi With No Contracts. Anywhere You Choose To Go or Live.

Stay connected whether on the go or at home!

Is it simple it is to use?

How does 3 easy steps sound?


1. Order your Spacelink Wi-Fi Device

home internet in rural areas


2. Power on the device when it arrives!

4g rural internet

3. Connect to the wi-fi and start surfing, streaming or Gaming.

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Fast and Reliable LTE Internet

Stay Connected on the go! Stream, video chat and enjoy stress-free access to connectivity whether at home or on the road!


Keep yourself and your family connected.

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With Spacelink WiFi Internet, business never stops. Stay connected!


No surprise roaming fees while traveling.’

Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot

Spacelink WiFi Internet enables you to stay connected at home with No cable boxes, No Wires, No contracts. The new way of the internet is finally here!


LTE Home Internet Router

Our newest and most powerful LTE router. Include external antennas and an ethernet plug to give you the fastest speeds and strongest signal in your area. Connect up to 32 devices!

spacelink wifi router

Frequently Asked Questions

Spacelink WiFi offers high-speed coverage across the entire United States, including all rural areas. We use the top nationwide networks to ensure coverage anywhere.

Yes! Spacelink WiFi is the perfect choice for fast and affordable home internet. We have 2 options available for your needs: Portable hotspots – perfect for people on the go and LTE routers – stationary, reliable, perfect for home use.

Yes! Your device(s) will arrive to you already activated. All you need to do is turn the device on and it will automatically connect on the plan you selected at your initial checkout for the portable hotspot and the router. You may reach out to us at any time for assistance by emailing 

Yes! We offer plan upgrades and downgrades specifically on the hotspot devices. If at any time you would like to upgrade or downgrade your plan simply email and an agent will handle your request immediately. Keep in mind that 25GB is the lowest data package we offer, while 800GB is the highest. 

We’ve partnered with Simo Connect to use their patented cloud SIM technology that automatically connects the device to the strongest available signal in its area. We’ve combined that with our affordable data plans across the top networks to ensure our users have access to high-speed and high-bandwidth internet both in home and on the go!

Spacelink offers refunds on first-time purchases (for the device only) within 14 days of receiving your device in the mail. To begin the return process, please email within the first 14 days of having the device. A refund may take up to 7 business days to process and will begin once Spacelink WiFi receives the device back. The data service is not refundable. Note: Shipping costs are non-refundable and any additional return label costs will be deducted from your refund. 

Our plan prices are straightforward with no hidden fees. Billing cycle is from the 5th of the month up to the 4th, even if you join in the middle of the month. First plan purchased will be charged in full + activation fee. The next bill that you’re gonna get for your first renewal will be prorated to cover the days you aren’t with Spacelink WiFi yet. After these 2 bills, all upcoming bills will be for the full price of the plan.

 If you go over your allotted data amount, you stop receiving data services until the next month begins. Data for the hotspot plans resets back to zero every 1st of the month. You can choose to upgrade to a larger GB plan mid-cycle in order to receive additional data by paying the difference of the two plans. For the routers, each plan has its own reset date.

WiFi Services Near Me

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Always Stay Connected! Flexible – No Contract Plans

No Contracts or fees, plus simple monthly billing. High-speed coverage across the entire USA, even rural areas.

Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot

spacelink wifi home lte internet

Month To Month Home LTE Internet Service
No contracts or fees, plus simple monthly billing.

Easy to Use
The device ALSO ships already activated, so all you need to do is plug it up and it’s on.

Flexible Data Plans
Upgrade or downgrade as needed!

Spacelink LTE Home Internet Router

home internet in rural areas

Connect Up To 32 Devices
Connect your laptop, phone, tablet, TV and any other devices.

Ethernet Port
Above all This device has ethernet ports for an even more reliable, fast connection!

25GB – $65.00 Monthly

50GB – $75.00 Monthly

100GB – $85.00 Monthly

200GB – $105.00 Monthly

300GB – $115.00 Monthly

450GB – $130.00 Monthly

800GB – $160.00 Monthly


Multi-functional Spacelink Wireless 4G LTE Router

Virtual Sim Router is a multi-functional wireless
4G LTE router for home & professional M2M

It uniquely offers connectivity options via either a
physical SIM card or Virtual SIM card.

Virtual Sim Router is widely used for home
internet, rural internet, mobile applications, 4G
backup, Remote Connection, and IoT.

Can be controlled via a Remote Management
Portal for live data monitoring, management, and

Virtual Sim Router activates within minutes time.


Key Features and Benefits

Works on Verizon + AT&T + T-Mobile

Automatically Switches to the Best 4G Carrier

Upgrade/Downgrade Plan at Any Time

You Can Utilize Up To 32 Connections at Once!

Enhanced Data Speeds

Spacelink WiFi Technical Specifications



WiFi Connections
Up to 32 devices


6 Antennas….
4 WiFi External
Antennas (2 x 2.4GHz;
2 x 5.8GHz)
2 External LTE Antennas

Ethernet Ports

5 Ethernet Ports
4 x LAN
1 x WAN

LTE Standards

Downlink: Cat7 (301.5
Uplink: Cat13 (150.8

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TDD Bands


FDD Bands




Work, Learn or Play from Anywhere!
Use your Spacelink WiFi companion for an untethered life.

A 4G LTE router for entertainment. travel, home or business.


Power Indicator LED
vSIM Indicator
LTE Indicator
2.4Ghz + 5.8GHz Wifi
Sim Indicator
Signal LED

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