How To Get Internet While Travelling: Staying Connected

In the modern, fast-paced world, staying connected is not just a luxury, but a necessity. This holds particularly true when you’re travelling, whether for business or pleasure. The problem that most people face when travelling the highways and byways of the country is that they have no idea how to get internet while traveling. Having and keeping reliable internet access is crucial for checking emails, navigating new cities, or even sharing your exciting travel stories on social media. One of the most reliable and user-friendly solutions to this common issue is the Spacelink WiFi router from Spacelink Installs. In this post, we’ll delve into why the Spacelink WiFi router is a traveler’s best companion instead of the tried and true methods that most people typically use.

1. Invest in Spacelink Router

The Spacelink WiFi router is your go-to device for maintaining a robust internet connection while on the move. This high-speed portable router ensures you have access to the online world wherever your travels take you. The simple setup and extensive coverage of the router make it an unrivaled choice for modern nomads. Choosing Spacelink is hands down the best option for those of us that find ourselves spending long periods of time on the road and away from our homes.


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2. Utilize Free Wi-Fi Spots

Whilst roaming the streets of a new city, you might stumble upon cafes, hotels, or other venues offering free Wi-Fi. Such places are becoming more and more frequent in todays modern and tech heavy world. Many Apps like Wi-Fi Map can even point you to these locations.  However, public Wi-Fi networks might not offer the security and speed you need, which brings us back to the importance of having a Spacelink WiFi router.  Take into consideration that using Free Wi-Fi spots only works when you are at those locations. Locations which can sometimes be many miles apart.

3. Explore Local Data Plans

If your travels keep you in one country for an extended period, acquiring a local SIM card with a data plan can be a decent option. However, the data speeds and reliability can vary greatly, making the Spacelink WiFi router a more dependable alternative.

4. Tether Your Phone

Tethering is an option, but it can quickly drain your phone’s battery and eat up your data allowance. Moreover, the connection is often not strong enough for more demanding tasks, contrasting with the seamless connectivity provided by the Spacelink router. With the Spacelink WiFi router you need only find a power source, plug in the device and you can have up to a terabyte (1000 gb) of high speed data.

5. Opt for Satellite Internet

In extremely remote areas, satellite internet might be the only option. However, the cost and the bulky equipment required make the Spacelink WiFi router a more convenient and economical choice. Most satellite internet providers are not the best fit for maintaining connectivity while travelling because of their large size. Many of these systems are mounted to the roof of a structure or anchored to a pole that is cemented into the ground. That is hardly a travel friendly choice!

6. Stay at Accommodations with Free Wi-Fi

Choosing accommodations with free Wi-Fi is wise. Yet, the network’s performance can be unpredictable. With the Spacelink WiFi router, you control your internet quality and security. It is a simple as plugging a power cord into an existing wall socket. Security and privacy can become an issue when utilizing free Wi-Fi that has been provided by wherever you are staying for the night.

7. Invest in a Data Roaming Pass

A data roaming pass can be useful but might not provide the high-speed connection and data allowance you need. Again, the Spacelink WiFi router shines as a one-time investment for uninterrupted connectivity. There are a vast array of options when deciding just how to get internet while travelling, but with the Spacelink WiFi router you only have to make a single purchase of the unit and from then on you only have to worry about purchasing your monthly data package. With a wide range of  data plans to choose from, Spacelink gives you the freedom to select the option the best fits your budget and your needs.

The Spacelink WiFi router from Spacelink Installs is evidently a traveler’s best bet for staying online with a steady, fast, and secure connection. Don’t let a poor internet connection derail your travel experience. Invest in a SpacelinkWiFi router and enjoy seamless connectivity wherever your adventures take you. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first big adventure, ensuring reliable internet access should be a top priority on your checklist. With Spacelink, you’re not just buying a device, but investing in a worry-free, connected travel experience. Call Spacelink Installs today at 844-WiFi-Man to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our knowledgeable associates.

Written by SpaceLink