2 Proven Starlink Installation On Roof Tips

Starlink Installation On Roof

South Georgia-North Florida Starlink Installation On Roof Tips Help to Make Satellite Internet Possible

Satellite internet allows you access to the world wide web from a geosynchronous satellite in space that receives a signal from a Starlink installation on roof installed by us the internet service provider and reflects it back to you via wireless signals to a dish fixed at the point of use. After it is beamed it back to your dish, it then goes to your modem, and hence your laptop.

The round trip while doing this requires the signals to travel about 90,000 miles and this creates a time lag or latency that makes it difficult for real time communication. Even so, speeds on satellite internet are much faster than those that you get on standard internet connections. As there is no wiring involved to connect you to the internet service provider you can receive these signals anywhere on earth, even the open seas and oceans. This gives it increased reliability. It is, however, vulnerable to the weather, while latency does place it at a disadvantage. It is also not compatible with virtual private networks.

Starlink Internet is one of the providers of satellite internet and is based on the technology that uses a number of low earth orbit already in place as a constellation. These satellites are not in a fixed position and orbit around the earth. The dish to receive the signals has to follow the path of the constellation from west to east.

Starlink Satellite Internet Installer

SpaceX is the owner of Starlink Internet and plans to put up more than 20,000 satellites to support the increasing number of users. When in place speeds of up to 10 Gig per sec will be able to cover any spot on earth. Speeds on Starlink can be any where between 40mbps to 350mbps depending on the time of the day and the position of the satellites. As more satellites are launched this speed will become more consistent.

To avail of this satellite internet you need to install a Starlink installation on roof. Starlink installation on roof tips will help you to self install the required dish on your roof. There are a number of things you need to consider if you are installing a dish to receive the signals from the satellites. The dish will move several times in a day to track the satellites that are along the northern horizon, and Starlink has an app that allows you look for any obstructions that will obstruct the dish from seeing this space.

The app has an oval in it, and this must be free of obstructions if you want the best results. This may require you to go higher up on the roof, so that no obstruction is seen it it. It is best that you download the app and use it, before you place an order on Starlink for the dish and internet connection.

You might plan the position on your roof, so that it is also possible for you to carry wiring from it easily into your house. The cable supplied by Starlink is 100 feet long and should be able to reach any point in your home easily. It should never be cut or altered in any way. It has a ferrite that requires a hole of at least 3/4 inch width on the roof, or selected wall to allow this ferrite to pass through easily.

Be careful to avoid any utilities already installed when you do this. One of the Starlink installation on roof tips is that you make sure you take care to seal any hole you have drilled carefully with the correct sealant, so that this opening dos not cause any leakage or dampness inside your home.

The mount itself is quite short and must be located in a place where there will be no pile up of snow that can obstruct the movement of the dish as it tracks the satellites. Your roof pitch needs to be lesser than 40degrees. If you are fixing the dish to rafters under the roof make sure you determine their position accurately. You will have to drill holes in the roof for fixing the dish mount, and this must be properly sealed with bishop tape under the mount. Do not use silicone.

Follow these Starlink installation on roof tips for a faultless installation of the dish to receive your internet. You can always save yourself all the trouble by asking Starlink to appoint their own installers, who will do a professional job.

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